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Leading with our core values
Our core values are the foundational beliefs held by the company and all our people. They are the inspiration for how we approach our work and interact with our clients and our colleagues.

They are the central, underlying values and ideals that keep our staff motivated and, most importantly, our clients happy.

In essence, they shape the mindset of all our people and have been the backbone of the company’s success since PSP’s inception 15 years ago.


Acting truthfully, honestly and ethically in all our activities.



This leads our clients through the knowledge, skills and services they need to address their business challenges and respects the contributions through teamwork.



Creativity is a practical process. it is the process of having original ideas that add value. Creativity works when there is curiosity, passion and dedication. 



Strive towards continual improvement, delivering high-quality products and services at competitive prices, within an agreed timetable, and maintaining quality control.


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People, Systems and Process (PSP) was built on the principle that everything we do should have an important outcome.

We believe in maintaining this strong set of core values, which define PSP and how we interact with clients, suppliers and our people. These values underpin our commitments to our clients and our staff's dedication to producing high-quality work that reflects the company and exceeds client expectations.

To find out more about our agile outsourced roles and services, visit www.psp-agileit.co.uk.
1st March 2024