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Business Analysts Improve Client's Membership Renewal Process
After being approached by a major professional body for Business Analysis support, PSP has considerably reduced manual work for a client’s staff, while making huge improvements to their customer experience.

Our team of Business Analysts worked very closely with the client to identify recommendations to their time-consuming subscription application and renewal processes. In all cases, the customer’s operational teams processed subscriber discounts manually after their end user had applied for the subscription, which in turn resulted in end users paying the full fee upfront, to then receive a refund covering the discount later.

Because certain applications did not require manual intervention for approval, it resulted in a sub-optimal experience for all end users and time-consuming, manual effort from the customer’s operations team. Leading to an inefficient working structure, causing wasted time and costs. PSP’s Business Analysis team was engaged to understand the customer journey and produce recommendations to streamline this.

To develop a coherent plan, we worked with customer subject matter experts to:

  • Understand, document and agree on objectives and scope for the change
  • Identify customer stakeholders and subject matter experts to work with throughout analysis and solution design processes
  • Map existing customer journey and system integration touchpoints using Swimlane process flowcharts
  • Map existing business rules

Produce solution design documentation and support implementation:

  • Produce process flowcharts showing the “to-be” state
  • Produce business rules showing the “to-be” state
  • Produce mock-ups of the revised application page
  • Orientate customer stakeholders with the proposed solution design
  • Assist customer teams with implementing the change

This collaborative, process-driven approach allowed PSP to produce a simple set of documentation covering the change, which in turn allowed the customer to understand the changes needed to IT systems and team processes. This delivered the requirements of an improved end-user experience and reduced manual effort.

To find out more about our Business Analysis team, visit our Business Analyst Support page.

23rd July 2020