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PICTURES: New Office Space!
After a couple of weeks of renovation work, we were delighted to open up our new office space to our transformation and development teams.

Originally a huge open space housing a 24-seater board table and small breakout zones, our executive office now houses sleek, partitioned offices and breakout rooms for staff and informal client interactions.

One of the most exciting additions to this area is a modern office space with four desks with 50" monitors, gaming chairs and wireless headphones.

All. the rooms, including the wireless conferencing suite, breakout area with glass tables and the office, are separated by partitioned glass that is etched with the London landscape.

Check out the photos below! (click on each image to enlarge)

Business analysts studying mind maps on board PSP Boardroom breakout room business analyst mindmap analysis PSP office boardroom spreadsheet

1st April 2024