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PSP Partners With Senso.cloud
We're delighted to confirm our new partnership with Senso.cloud, the cloud-based Device Monitoring and Management platform.

We're excited to add to our portfolio of education technology services by partnering with the powerful device monitoring and management software.

The full suite of filtering and monitoring tools makes it simple for schools to remotely safeguard, manage, track, report and support all school devices.

Having worked in the education sector for over a decade, we were excited by the opportunity to empower schools with the next-level software that revolutionises the way schools operate and allows them to deliver first-class learning experiences.

Senso.cloud is an all-in-one software enabling teachers and network managers to monitor and manage device user activity in schools when on-site and remote.

Their products include:

You can find out more about Senso.cloud software here.

22nd January 2024