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PSP Saves Client £300,000 In Annual Spend
PSP saved a large, global awarding body almost £300,000 per year during a recent infrastructure streamlining project.

The client - who has more than 100,000 members - was shocked by PSP's findings, including unused servers, and is now reaping major financial rewards. The client was utilising our Outsourced CTO service when our CTO (Chief Technical Officer) analysed their infrastructure and identified, and implemented, several tangible changes.

Our Findings and Solutions

As part of a review of the managed services and outsourced hosting, PSP identified several potential areas for cost savings from the consolidation of servers through to the replacement of services. The process of identifying, assessing and implementing improvements led to a reduction in servers, license costs and services that required support. All of which contributed to a net saving for the client.

We also identified several outsourced services where the suppliers were underperforming and were not scrutinised or being held to account. Through increased management controls, PSP was able to drive improvements and increase value for money. By taking a strategic approach to resolving these findings, we’ve saved the not-for-profit client severe yearly costs and improved their organisational processes.

What else can an IT infrastructure review uncover?

Like in this case, a review of IT infrastructure can be carried out to determine the efficiency of the business systems employed by the organisation and identify cost savings. This will improve its reliability in the long term, and ensure the right technology is adopted at the right time.

Need an IT infrastructure review?

An IT infrastructure review is the most efficient way to keep up with the growing pace of technology and make sure IT usage suits the needs of the company.

PSP is a Microsoft Gold partner that has worked with globally-recognised awarding and professional bodies for more than a decade. Our services include IT strategy creation, outsourced IT management and software testing.

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24th January 2023