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Digital Transformation: Importance of Aligning People, Systems and Processes (PSP)
When taking your first steps in digital transformation, one thing to always remember is that technology is ultimately about changing how your business operates and how people interact with your company.

Digital transformation is more about revolutionising your business's operations than implementing the smartest technology solution available.


Digital Transformation: People, Systems & Process Alignment
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People, Systems, Processes: The Three Factors of Successful Transformation

When co-founders Brett and Joe started the company, they agreed on the name PSP because their mission statement was to help clients by improving the interaction between their People, Systems and Processes. This ensured we delivered cost-effective solutions that delivered real business value to our clients.

These elements represent different shapes in a Tetris game. Even though the shapes are different, they must line up to complete a perfect line.

When systems are based around processes, they support specific tasks, which makes it easier and simpler for your people to do their work.



A challenge for digital transformation teams is changing people’s perceptions towards changing cultures and processes. When people have carried out their role in the same way for a long time, trying to get them to buy into a new, digital way of working can be challenging.

No matter how advanced the technology, if people aren’t using it effectively, the transformation will fail. By focusing on people, your business can ensure the digital tools and processes you introduce are aligned with your users’ needs and workflows. This will increase the likelihood of a successful transformation.



Aligning systems with your business objectives is crucial. This may involve upgrading your systems or implementing brand-new ones that support your desired business growth.

This could include integrating modern technologies with your legacy systems or applying a new cloud-based system such as an ERP, CRM or finance system.

Whether you upgrade your legacy system or implement an entirely new system, choosing the right option requires careful consideration. By selecting systems that support agility, innovation, and scalability, you position yourself for long-term success in an increasingly digital world.



Your processes are the foundation for how your business operates. If they are inefficient or cumbersome then your entire business slows down. As part of your digital transformation, review your processes to ensure your people follow efficient processes which are well-supported by your systems.


How Do You Align These?

Digital transformation projects are complex, and achieving alignment between your people, systems and processes makes it a more challenging task from the outset but is important to accomplishing a successful digital transformation.

We follow a multi-layered approach that involves business systems analysts utilising tools like mind mapping, engaging with people across all levels of the business and addressing an organisational perception towards digital change.


  1. Expertise of a Business Systems Analyst to study your business’s systems and processes, exploring how they interact with and support one another.
  2. Mind Maps for Process Mapping provides a visual way to analyse workflows, data flows and how your processes interact with your technology.
  3. Stakeholder Engagement for gathering valuable insights into how technology affects business operations.
  4. Transform Organisational Perceptions by emphasising the benefits of digital transformation and providing training and guidance to help employees adapt to new technologies.


Our Approach

For 15 years, we’ve been a trusted technology partner for membership organisations, chartered institutes and private companies. We’ve successfully overseen many digital projects, focusing on process automation and business efficiency.

We are currently executing a digital transformation project for a globally recognised membership body with over 100,000 members. As part of the project, we are implementing a Dynamics 365 Cloud finance system and replacing their Dynamics on-premise CRM with Dynamics Cloud.

The project involves 11 team members, including Business System Analysts, project management, Head of QA, project governance, developers and both manual and automated software testers.


Meet Your Technology Partner

Do you need to improve the performance of your systems to help streamline your processes? Or can the efficiency of your staff be improved with tools such as process automation or system integration?

By improving the efficiency of your processes and aligning them with your systems, your staff will have the right tools for improving their overall productivity. Digital transformation is proven to change how businesses operate; not just from an IT perspective, but also from a collaboration and mindset perspective.

For 15 years, PSP has been a trusted and cost-effective digital partner for education bodies, membership associations and private companies. In that time, we have delivered robust long-term digital strategies, provided strong cybersecurity support and streamlined countless systems and processes.

Find out more about our digital transformation services here. Or to speak to one of our technology experts, fill in this short contact form

28th March 2024